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Lafitte Productions Expertise

Docu-Reality TV Series

Docu-Reality TV Series

This hybrid reality show genre is a real sweet spot for Lafitte Productions. We understand the creative mixture of documentary, re-creations and current reality that makes this style of programming fascinating to the viewers. From heroes to rogues, villains to vagabonds, the Lafitte Team has experience building a franchise around these lifestyle choices that viewers find interesting and meaningful.

Entertainment/Educational Series

Entertainment / Educational Series

Lafitte writers and directors have extensive experience in BOTH these formats. We have worked successfully in traditional entertainment (comedy / drama) TV series and a variety of education programming as well. Today, we are successfully blending the two in the very popular “edu-tainment” concept that viewers have come to expect.


Commercial PODCAST Production

The podcast world is exploding and Lafitte is at the cutting edge of current podcast production methods. Our dedicated podcast studio in Charleston allows us to produce quality content on virtually any subject from locations anywhere in the world. Each podcast we develop is unique, creative, fits a market niche, and is 100% self liquidating, with many being highly profitable.

“When you truly understand the business of Sponsored Content, you can develop wonderful franchises that completely pay for themselves and promote the Sponsor’s brand at the same time”

— Dave Kowert Lafitte Production Executive Producer