Experience the Lafitte Difference

The Secret Formula

For years, Hollywood has known that “hit movies” could create a very profitable aftermarket for clothes, costumes, games, toys, and other merchandising applications. Lafitte asked “Why can’t we do that for Sponsored TV?”. That question launched a new business model where Lafitte reverse engineers high quality content with multiple revenue streams built into the content design.

Multiple Revenue Streams

This TV Series “franchise” revolves around revenue from the following sources:

  • Advertising Revenue from non sponsor commercials
  • A multi-city special event production (with Corporate Sponsor)
  • International Distribution of content
  • Brand Licensing
  • Program Specific Merchandise Sales

Under the Lafitte Productions self liquidating business model, 100% of the revenue from ALL these revenue streams flow directly back to the Corporate Sponsor until 100% of the production costs are recouped. Then additional revenue is divided between Lafitte and the corporate Sponsor.

See How It Works

The Graphic below shows how Lafitte Productions American Maverick TV Series capitalizes on multiple revenue streams. American Maverick is a show about rogue thinkers its about independence and its about people with the courage to act upon their convictions. It speaks to a “lifestyle” that we admire and the ability to maximize that “Lifestyle Brand” is how Lafitte Productions generates additional revenue for BOTH the program sponsor and the producers. While some of the boxes in this graphic are self explanatory, here are a few highlights:

As the TV show gains popularity, viewers will naturally want to be associated with its Lifestyle Brand. This generates the opportunity to create and market Brand Specific American Maverick clothing and accessories. Lafitte Productions does this from the American Maverick website. The show itself “creates celebrity” with the Mavericks it presents and those individuals can use that exposure to open opportunities for speaking engagements and personal appearances at different events managed by Lafitte Productions speakers bureau.

As Mavericks make personal appearance, Lafitte Productions has relationships with well known clothing manufacturers who will outfit the Mavericks and use that exposure to generate lines of American Maverick licensed clothing.

American Maverick is a program that encourages the viewing public to recommend Mavericks for future show presentation. The American Maverick website is a site similar to Dancing with The Stars where the viewership goes to comment, and make future maverick suggestions. That site creates advertising and affiliate revenue opportunities.

Another revenue stream comes from the American Maverick Podcast. Another revenue stream comes from SVOD presentation and overseas distribution. By having in-house expertise in all these areas, Laffite Productions can truly manage the revenue potential of each show it produces.

There are 3 important keys to making this type of program work:


First, the program content needs to be 100% aligned to the Corporate Sponsor’s Market Perceived DNA. This is critical to the integrity of content and aftermarket revenue opportunities.


Secondly, the program content needs to be designed and written to promote all the available revenue streams. There are many good stories that make great TV Series, but many of them do not have ancillary revenue opportunities. Lafitte designs its content specifically to support the multiple revenue stream opportunities.


Finally, You have to retain 100% control of the additional revenue stream opportunities. If you have to outsource these
opportunities, the revenue flows to someone else instead of the Corporate Sponsor. That’s why Lafitte has in-house expertise in event management, experiential entertainment design,branding, licensing, and program syndication.