Creative, Experienced, Television and Business Professionals

Team: Dave Kowert

Dave Kowert

Executive Producer/Showrunner

With over 30 years of television and business experience, Dave leads the creative efforts at Lafitte production. With a Masters Degree in Television and Film, Dave has built lengthy list of credits as a film maker, video producer, writer, theatrical director, actor and narration talent. He has worked freelance and on staff of major production companies, theaters, ad agencies, and corporate communication companies. Dave can be reached easily at 843-412-0137 or

Phil Waggoner

Executive Producer

Phil is Lafitte Productions “anchor”. After a very successful career at Carmichael Lynch in the beautiful (but cold) city of Minneapolis, Phil gravitated to Charleston where he shares his experience as both a creative and a high level user strategist with Lafitte Productions. Phil has an eye for talent and creativity coupled with the ability to always keep the sponsor’s basic requirements in focus. Phil can be reached at

Team: Jason Kuntz

Jason Kuntz

Creative Director

Jason and his creative idea for American Maverick provided the impetus to start Lafitte Productions.  A true Maverick in his own right, Jason is an experienced creative director with credits in all forms of TV and large scale Experiential Entertainment.  Jason keeps the team grounded by continuously asking the question “Why should I care?”  Lafitte’s content (translate stories) are better produced when we are measured by Jason’s “care” standard.  Jason can be reached at

Team: Tom McNeil

Tom McNeil

Executive Producer/CRO

Tom brings a wealth of business experience to Lafitte Productions. His background owning and operating numerous successful businesses has Lafitte turning to him for all matters financial, contractural and in many cases operational. Tom also personally drives the event management revenue streams for Lafitte Productions. Tom’s insights often provide the “balance point” between our sponsors business needs and the creativity required to make Lafitte content stand out in todays cluttered market space. Tom can be reached at

Team: Gene King

Gene King:

Executive Producer/Sponsor Liaison

Gene’s nickname is “rhino” for a reason. Once he and a sponsor get on a roll, there is no stopping them. They will achieve the sponsor objective…no matter what. Gene’s experience as an investment banker and business consultant provide him the opportunity to understand how to keep the creative “franchise” and the sponsor’s dna in perfect alignment. Spend 30 minutes with gene and you can instantly see that he truly understands business. Gene can be reached at

Team: Chad Faltz

Chad Faltz

Content Runner/Chief Runner

Chad Faltz is the Chief Runner at Content Runner based in Gilbert, Arizona. He is charged with helping content owners of all sizes distribute their content to linear networks (broadcast & cable), OTT providers and Digital Networks, wherever content can be seen.  He has been helping content owners in distribution for close to 20 years and has worked with many of the top networks in securing the deal. He has experience is with distribution, sales, production and finance, and we are pleased to have him as part of the Lafitte organization.

To contact Chad, email him at or call 602-908-3368.

Team: Brady Waggoner

Brady Waggoner

Creative Director/Musician

Brady is some sort of blend of Luke Skywalker and Bob Marley. Often hidden behind his super-sized monitor, Brady works on design with the same careful attention to detail as do people who create authentic miniature Civil War soldiers. He sees every project as a chance to make a big beautiful statement. Along with excellent design skills, Brady is also a strategist who finds the tiny cracks that lead straight to a the hearts of audience members.

After dark, Brady spends time as guitarist front-man for The Dubplates, a dancehall reggae band. He is the proud father of Sousa and Juddy Waggoner.

Team: Tom Jeffrey

Tom Jeffrey


Known in some circles as “Noodles,” Tom will drop anything for a plate of great pasta. An escapee from Scranton, PA, Tom knew at an early age that writing was his calling. Quick with words, he has a way of boiling down the most complex thoughts into tasty, bite size nuggets audiences can savor and swallow. Whether a script, and book, a commercial or and banner ad, expect him to work hard at unearthing big ideas that cross multiple mediums and have lasting staying power.

Tom is a highly sought after assistant youth sports coach and spends his idle time with his wife and two boys, combing the rivers, beaches and swamps for wildlife.

Abby Holtcamp


Abby Holtcamp is an experienced News Producer and content writer.  She has produced news and promotional segments for major network news affiliates in Cincinnati Ohio before moving to Charleston.  Abby works with Lafitte Productions as both On-Camera Talent and as a Producer/Writer for both our Docu-Reality TV Series and various corporate podcast projects.  Her skill and experience is visible in most of the interviews we shoot.

Team: Max Smith

Max Smith

Business Analyst

Max Smith works with Lafitte as a Business Analyst and strategist specializing in Branded Content.  Max understands the critical link between Lafitte’s ability to tell an engaging story and the Branding Sponsor’s Company DNA.  His ability to connect the “right story” with the “right sponsor” makes him a valuable member of the Lafitte sales team.  As a smart, free thinkng, millennial, Max is also an important “test subject” when Lafitte Content is aimed at that demographic.